Fashion is Fake


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I made this entire album in my basement on a dying computer on dying instruments over the months of March and April 2015. Religion Politics and War are a few of the main themes scattered throughout yet Love is always seeping through the seems. Please enjoy my little recording project and may the force be with you...siempre.

If you like what you hear please share it. thank you.

Sincerely Your Pal,
Storie Grubb

*the word FUCK is used


released May 1, 2015

matt vorhies on accordion
storie on everything else



all rights reserved



Boise, Idaho 2015. I write and record my own music and use my own art. Armed with no auto tune devices, (actually no tuning at all), an arsenal of broken down instruments, an Accordion Warrior named Matt Vorhies and a dash of NoMetronomes . I make it all in a little room, in my little basement, in my own private little Idaho. Here is a little bit of my soul. Take it or leave it. ... more

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Track Name: The Lonely Moniker
I've been talking/with your lonely moniker/and if you're happy there/ then i'm guessing yes/ I've been dreaming about your screaming for so long now/ I won't believe it's over even if the cows come home/even if the cows come home/ I've been thinking about your drinking philosophies/And what you believe in/ Your favourite God or maybe nothing/Your favourite God or maybe something else entirely...
Track Name: A Cloud in the Sky*
care about the ones you love/ fuck the rest/ it's what my daddy says
help your mother out/ before she dies/make sure she's comfortable
don't let the media fill her head with lies/ help your mother out
make me proud my son/do good things/make sure you're on your own/don't let anyone take credit for your deeds/make me proud my son
Maybe dad you're just a man/and maybe your son will never understand/maybe god was just a cloud in the sky
Maybe god was all alone/when "he" built this world of flesh and bone/ and someday dad I'll take you home...
care about the ones you love/fuck the rest/it's what my daddy says
Track Name: Damien
Damien she says to me if you're afraid open out your hands and see what i can do with black and white/ The dinosaurs weren't meant to be that's why they went extinct to give us a purpose and mystery something to distract us while we die. oh i hear the voice you speak it's a symphony, i wanna reach in and take your seed but hat wouldn't be too polite of I. Damien you've got to breathe that's why god gave you wings to remind you that there's other things to do with all that extra time
Damien the air is clean at least it ought to be, your momma would be proud to hear you sing so make her cry now don't be shy/ she says that love is anything but good company, so why don't you come in and take a seat, fill my head with your filthy lies/ Damien your tongue is free and now you've gotta be a snake inside the apple tree but i've always had choice on my side/ Somewhere south they make a drink called the missing link, i wonder if they named it after me/ because sometimes heaven ain't in the sky
She peels the skin right off my cheeks and blames the heat, she's gotta leather dress and lazy feet accidentally happy and unkind/Spends her days underneath a beach just out of reach, plucking fowl feathers from her teeth, i can see my shadow in her eyes/ Yeah, I'm an angel and a freak so blame it on me, i thrive on sin and misery though you've never been one to see my side/and if i'm the one to burn at least i've earned my keep, and as long as i am here to reap, i'll make you look better in his eyes
Damien you've got to breathe that's why god gave you wings to remind you that there's other things to do with all that extra time
Track Name: Barbara (They're Coming to Get You)
if i had my wits about me every time i still might just be laying in your hands. there's a golden shower over there the boys and gurls rinse out from their hair all that the government had planned now they're coming to get you barbara. radiation soaks into the sand and kicks off the fever of the damned the IRS will tax the skin we wear. they're closing down the highways at the source Morgues are overwhelmed with the walking corpse If you're out at night you best beware Because they're coming to get you Barbara. so on and on the storie seems to go with broken words and hieroglyphs exposed the chemicals are helping with the pain. And if you fear your friends have got the "shakes" they haven't got a pulse but they're wide awake, you gotta shoot the bastards in the brains! because they're coming to get you Barbara...
Track Name: Buyer Beware*
We've got so many Problems to Share
Buyer Beware
They filled your brain with names/So you dance over open graves/You gotta play it safe/Long enough to keep it strange
They put us in the Game/And Shadow us with Shame/ We gotta break away/ We plead for a little change/ We gotta make some change
When you've used up all the Luck/Up is down and down is Up/ No One gives a fuck where you're coming from/ Or where you're going to
Track Name: Andy
here at the edge of my ocean here at the beginning of my mind all i see is endless dreams and rivers now i know that all my life i've been waiting for someone like you/ Oh how things come to me in the there's no such thing as time.maybe you don't want to leave and I don't want you to go but i know that it's never gonna be alright unless you're by my side. ANDY now i'm walking on the ocean. it can't compare to the brains on you. and what goes on in that little head of yours i really want to know i do! how i've spent my life in auction waiting for someone like you. andy, this ones for you.
Track Name: Stuart
stuart you make me smile like a baby child with brand new ideas in my head, i can't stop eating this crap even though it's killing me and my pocketbook, stuart my mind's a mess, i'm a walking taking headless jellyfish, but who am i gonna impress with my social paralysis, i guess a book belongs there afterall
stuart you make me laugh, cuz i couldn't sing my way out of a paper bag, i'm wondering where this will go, so many hopes at once i'm gonna implode, but i guess that what happens when your dreams come true
stuart would you be my man? would you prop me up and plant my feet in the ground? maybe i could join your band, i dont play an instrument bu i can clap pretty loud, i'm emotionally handicapped, but you brought me back you shook me free for all the world to see, a simple yes or no won't change my mind.
Track Name: Pamela
Pamela I was never one for saying please you got me dancing on my hands and knees, it's hard to breathe
Pamela I think i may have had too much to drink, but i can't tell so tell me what you think I don't wanna leave Pamela
Maybe it's time to go home, At this point i shouldn't be left alone, cause with the thoughts i think i may become just another sorry sung...
Pamela, there's something special about the number 13, and i'm guessing that you know what i mean, we make a pretty good team
Pamela, If you're ever clearing yard debris, when you burn it keep a thought for me, show your teeth, Pamela
Maybe it's time to call it a day, I'm seeing double guess i should be on my way, Because with the dreams i dream i may as well be done, and walk off all this sorry sung
Track Name: All Over
I had to walk a mile out of town just to start over that's right and I'm all over but don't leave me lonely, they run around, they go uptown and if i could make my way i'd be there too
you had yourself a boy, you plant him in the ground and have him roll over that's right, roll over, and i'm all over but please don't make a scene, i tend to lose when I'm placed in your shoes, what's next for bare feet no concrete sandals left to wear...
when i finally reached the speed of sound i thought i found my lover that's right i found my lover and i'm all over but don't leave me again, they travel through light and frequencies of mind
and if i could Bend myself I'd be there too
Track Name: The Holy Wars
O gods how they've missed you/ they've been tearing each other apart for years/ and though they share the same issues they seem to believe they don't shed the same tears, O' now i'm just cynical
My father was a farmer, He got to praying so loud the clouds grew fat with rain, until the rust shown on his armor and his neighbors lost faith and floated away, they shot him on their way out of town
Now everybody's got a canon/ and one or two among you have got a sword/and the river's still overflowing, so finish your chores come get your rewards, you pimps and you whores, you sing all for the holy wars
Go and tell your angels what has happened but be careful not to put it to word, and while you're there scattered and abandoned they'll sit on their clouds all jealous and disturbed, oh im sure they'll put in a good word, Now O' gods how they've missed you, they've been eating eachother alive since day one and it wouldn't matter which one you they choose, because they've waited this long and still you won't come, so bring a heart and a drum and sing all for the holy wars...