Oil in the Vines


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released March 22, 2015

oil in the vines was recorded in Boise Idaho courtesy of Speedy Gray, a gifted musician and human being
Photo by Victoria Kostenko, another gifted musician and all around badass human being



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Boise, Idaho 2015. I write and record my own music and use my own art. Armed with no auto tune devices, (actually no tuning at all), an arsenal of broken down instruments, an Accordion Warrior named Matt Vorhies and a dash of NoMetronomes . I make it all in a little room, in my little basement, in my own private little Idaho. Here is a little bit of my soul. Take it or leave it. ... more

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Track Name: Hope
Oh now it's time/time to begin/where will we go/ how will it end/they'd kill us for food/how rude they have been/Illegal to love/ "the enemy within"/with gods on their mark/where humans have died/they offered up arms/where heavens collide/ there they stood to the left/ there they stood to the right/ they stood on our backs still they couldn't decide/they'll look in your eyes and feed you lies till you spin/then put you on ice and note the places you've been/and how hard we tried to make the devil our friend/ the demon is wise and he's shedding his skin/ On capitol hill the little devils arrive/with snakes up their sleeves and sales on the rise/and here in OUR town the snakes have come no surprise/ what have they done to my home? What have you done to my kind?/Backwards we climb to Dark ages we swim/ your stars have aligned/ O' the Wars you will win/ I don't fear your size/ I'm not afraid of your friends/ Because i'm the one you denied/ I'm the original sin/Bitch all you want/ all kidding aside/ there's more money in poison then all the farmlands combined/ the monsters we fight are the ones voted in/ I can't believe my own eyes I think they're "leading" again/ Oh now it's time/ time for the end/ where have we gone/ where have we been/ we settle in tight where dreams go to swim/ it's just a matter of time before the demons get in/ With gods on their mark/ where humans have died/ they handed down charms and forced us to side/ A line in the sand/ The oil in the vines/ The blood on their hands/ Looks like they're doing just fine...All Hope is Lost